Corporate Communications Strategy


Corporate Communications

Our focus on audience-driven communication means that we put the needs and preferences of the target audience at the forefront. By understanding their interests, pain points, and aspirations, we design compelling narratives that captivate and resonate with the intended recipients.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of internal communication in maintaining credibility and fostering a positive organizational culture. Our tailored plans not only engage external audiences but also empower employees with a clear understanding of the company’s mission, vision, and objectives, fostering a sense of purpose and alignment within the organization.


Communication Planning

Developing comprehensive communication plans tailored to the specific needs and expectations of various stakeholders in the IT industry. This includes clients, investors, employees, partners, and regulatory authorities. The strategy involves identifying key messages, communication channels, and frequency to ensure effective engagement and alignment with stakeholder interests.


Communication Management

Creating crisis communication plans to handle and mitigate potential reputational risks and emergencies in the IT sector. This involves preparing for various crisis scenarios, establishing protocols for rapid response and transparent communication, and training key personnel to address critical situations promptly and effectively.


Thought Leadership
and Content Marketing

Crafting thought leadership content, such as whitepapers, articles, and blogs, to position the IT company as an industry authority. This service involves conducting industry research, identifying emerging trends, and developing insightful content that resonates with the target audience. Additionally, content marketing strategies are devised to distribute content through appropriate channels for maximum impact.


Internal Communication
and Change Management

Formulating internal communication strategies that foster employee engagement, promote a positive corporate culture, and ensure smooth change management processes within the IT organization. This includes implementing communication platforms, facilitating transparent two-way communication, and providing regular updates to keep employees informed about company developments and initiatives.

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To enhance the security and stability of patient care, the focus lies on collecting and integrating comprehensive medical information. By leveraging advanced data management systems and...

  • Strategy

    Design UIX , Reachitecture app into Microservices and Cloud native app development.

  • Benefits

    The hospital embarked on a journey to digitize its IT infrastructure. Integrating the department business systems into the virtual infrastructure.

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In today’s fast-paced and digitally driven world, the importance of highly accessible digital channels and cutting-edge communication technologies for fostering a connected customer experience cannot be...

  • Strategy

    Design thinking, redesigning UIX, mobile app development

  • Benefits

    Digital touchpoints such as websites and applications to ensure customers can access their preferred channel and receive a consistent buying experience. CASE STUDY Solutions: Design thinking, redesigning UIX, mobile app development

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The objective is to seamlessly integrate employees’ applications within the organization, thereby automating internal controls and enabling automatic scalability based on demand. By achieving this integration,...

  • Strategy

    Redesign User Experience, modernize mobile app into super app architecture.

  • Benefits

    Build super apps application that supports rapid transformation to microservices and a micro front-end architecture.

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In order to effectively facilitate waste management planning in Indonesia, the country faces the crucial task of constructing a smarter and more sustainable food ecosystem. This...

  • Strategy

    Agritech IoT, Data Analytic, Product Tracking on Blockchain.

  • Benefits

    Help the company create, automate and manage the business — IoT based eliminating errors and connecting the right data to the right processes and people.

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WOM Finance

At the core of a company’s sustained success lies the perpetual pursuit of enhancing operational efficiencies. To remain competitive in an ever-evolving market, legacy loan origination...

  • Strategy

    Application modernization into native cloud architecture

  • Benefits

    Automate business processes by modernize LOS dan credit scoring for the digital ecosystem.

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