Merkle Innovation Technology and Westcon Indonesia Support GREENS to Achieve Sustainable Agriculture in Indonesia.

Sustainable agriculture is imperative for the future of Indonesia’s food security and environmental health. Recognizing this need, Merkle Innovation Technology, in collaboration with Westcon Indonesia, is proud to support the GREENS initiative.  This partnership aims to revolutionize agricultural practices in Indonesia by promoting sustainability agriculture, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

GREENS is an agritech company dedicated to building sustainable farming.  Its flagship product is the GREENS pod Intelligent Farming which has the ability to produce 120 times more crops and simultaneously conserve resources with a 95% reduction in water and land use.

Empowering GREENS with Merkle’s Expertise

Merkle Innovation Technology, renowned for its pioneering advancements in agricultural technology, brings a wealth of consulting expertise to GREENS. Through tailored guidance and strategic insights, Merkle empowers GREENS to navigate the complexities of digitalization and innovation by leveraging AI, IoT and Blockchain technologies, providing the right blue map, integrated concepts, visualizing and realizing the concept of sustainable agriculture in Indonesia.

Erwin Gunawan, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer emphasized that this partnership really helps the company to continue to innovate. “Now, we have managed to cut up to 50 percent of harvesting time and produce crops that are much higher in nutrition.”

Merkle Innovation Technology’s CEO, Ricky Utomo said that the company is focused on building clients transforming into smart and agile companies. It supports GREENS in providing innovative solutions and identifying the right business model.

“We are happy to be part of GREENS’ transformation journey, especially in the application of disruptive technology and big data management,” concluded Ricky.

Westcon Indonesia Country Manager, Ivan Agus, revealed that one of his business goals is to create growth opportunities for partners and vendors. Westcon has a vision, which is to provide greater business value to customers through the support of AWS technology.

The partnership between Merkle Innovation Technology , Westcon Indonesia and GREENS represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of agriculture, where digitalization and innovation converge to shape the future of farming.

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